Why Cooee?


Cooee GC booklet

Cooee is a small Senior campus based on the notion of an echo. Students get back what they put out there. More specifically it is geared towards students with a vested interest in the surfing industry. Over two years, students complete three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Tourism. All three subjects have ‘real world’ concepts that are relevant to the surfing industry.

Students will also have the option to be enrolled in a Diploma of Business, which is the stepping stone to a University pathway (not compulsory).

To provide hands-on experience and increase employability skills, students will be completing a Cert III Traineeship. This will be delivered through registered training organisations.
Approximately six hours a week students will participate in surf training programs, which will be run by accredited surf instructors, catering to a range of abilities.

Further, students will be expected to complete their Cert II Public Safety & Aquatics, Surf Bronze Assessment. This will enable students to utilise their strengths in the water and give back to the community.

Cooee is about shaping standout Citizens, Students & Surfers.

A Big Thank You To The Community!