Community Support

At CooeeGC, we are safety aware, and with First Aid Accident & Emergency supporting us, we have you covered. They have helped equip us with all our first aid requirements.
First Aid Accident & Emergency also offer a fresh and funky approach to first aid training and CPR training if you require training on the Gold Coast.



The team at SurfSkate Industries look after us at CooeeGC. Whether it is to keep busy on those lay days or fine tune technique. The perfect tool to replicate surfing anytime of the day or night. Check out or hit up a CooeeGC kid.

Your health IS your surfing. They are intertwined. Movement, Training, Nutrition, and Health are the keys to staying in the water. Surf Strength Coach provides applicable and relevant information to improving, or recovering your abilities and performance.



Whether it comes from the oceans or will end up there, the team of Five Oceans gives trash a new life. The ecoFin is the world’s first surfboard fin made with recycled waste from Indonesia – where you can find some of the most polluted beaches in the world! It proves that it’s possible to use actual waste to make high quality products.

They design and make products that create positive change for our oceans and our future generations! Five Oceans offers high-quality alternatives to current products on the market. Now, you no longer need to make the trade-off between performance and environmental impact. This closes the gap between eco-friendly and high-performance standards.
ecoFin Thruster 1img_4555