Shaping Standout Citizens, Students & Surfers

What’s it look like?


Cooee GC booklet
The surfing industry is the vehicle behind Cooee as it provides such a diverse range of opportunities here on the Gold Coast. Clayton Neimaber provides students with a personalised weekly training regime and strong coaching relationships. He also educates the students on the importance of understanding equipment, the ocean and muscle memory for technique.

At Cooee, students are on campus at Ashmore PCYC for 4 days of the week. One day of the week is set aside for traineeships and authentic on the job training in areas of their interest. It could be retail at the local surf shop, Hospitality at Southport Surf LifeSaving Club or potentially even working with journalists from surf magazines.

Diploma of Business provides students with fundamental business knowledge that is also the platform for students interested in University entry.

Mathematics is practical and authentic, incorporating topics such as finance, tax, time zones, coordinates, volume, measurement, angles and construction based mathematics.

English is geared towards the surfing industry and will include writing journal articles, reviews, promotions,  presentations and the skills necessary for interview situations.

Tourism is a theoretical and practical subject where students will look at a range of environmental issues such as, climate change, recycling, and sand dredging but also explore travel considerations such as passports, visas, and vaccinations.

Please note the above time table is a guide and not set in stone.