About Matt

Matt Barber has been teaching in Secondary schools for ten years and has a particular interest in ensuring pathways for Senior students. His experiences in schools both in Australia and the United Kingdom have given him a broad knowledge of the skills necessary to provide students with a well-structured, supportive learning environment.

The belief that learning does not just take place in the classroom is one that Matt subscribes to and he encourages his students to take every opportunity to become involved with the wider community and make a worthwhile contribution. An example of this is his ‘Opening Minds Not Just Wallets’ project, which was inspired by students at The Marist Senior School in Ascot UK before coming to fruition in Uganda. Matt has extended this concept into a variety of different countries including Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bali and Vanuatu.

Matt’s development of successful projects of this nature, along with his ability to engage students in learning, has not gone unrecognized. He received a nomination for 2016 Australian of the Year. In 2015 he was the first ever High School teacher to be recognised for ‘A Day Made Better’, which is a national award acknowledging exceptional teachers. 

During his teaching career Matt has held a variety of leadership positions including the roles of Senior Coordinator, Year Coordinator and Acting Deputy Principal, all of which require high levels of responsibility and organization.
Always an innovative thinker, at Cooee Matt wishes to explore an exciting and fresh way to look at Senior Schooling in order to channel each student’s passion into a fulfilling pathway towards the rest of his or her life.